Rosalía Banet

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Pontevedra, Spain, 1996
Doctor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Pontevedra, Spain, 2003

From my work I try to analyze, reflect and criticize society. I try to show their excesses and inequalities. I use the human body and its diseases as metaphors to represent a chaotic system, alienating and dehumanized. Food is another constant in my projects. The food system serves as a vehicle for me to represent the hyper-consumist society with all its horrors. And to eat today, is just not only nourishment, it involves issues beyond the purely nutritional, social, political, economic and environmental.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Statement (PDF)
'Maps of Pain' by Marta Mantecón
'All The Better To Eat You' by Javier Díaz-Guardiola
'Rosalía Banet' by Marta Mantecón

Recent Activity

09.23.2019 / 11.25.2019
MarinaSalud Hospital, Denia

Artist in Residence
HIAP, Helsinki
06.01.2019 / 31.08.2019

03.14-2019 / 21.04-2019
Torre DKV, Zaragoza

DKV - Casa de Velázquez Award
Madrid, 2018

Artist in Residence
Real Academia de España in Rome

Centro de Arte de Alcobendas

Las Golosas Sweet and Sour Preserve Factory
24.07 - 2015 / 31.01 - 2016
MAS, Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo, Santander

Dysmorphic constellations
12.11 - 19.12 - 2015
Twin Gallery, Madrid.
Photo Dossier (PDF)

Comunidad de Madrid Award
Estampa 2015, Madrid.

Maps of Pain Exhibition
20.09 - 18.10 - 2013
Twin Gallery, Madrid
Text by Marta Mantecón (PDF)
Photo Dossier (PDF)